-a traveling blog-


This is not a nature blog, nor is it an architecture blog. This is a travel blog, an extremely organized collection of beautiful photos from around the world. If you just click the “navigate" link on the top of the page, it will redirect you to a list of the continents. From there, photos are organize by country and, in the instances in which I have the information, cities or states.

Photos that I cannot find information as to where they were taken are all here.

Photos of volcanoes are here.

Photos of mountains are here.

Photos of glaciers are here.

Photos of water are here.

Photos of architecture are here.

**I’m trying my hardest to keep the information as accurate and detailed as I possibly can. Photos belong to the respective owners and I will always credit it back to them. None of these belong to me unless clearly stated so.**

Also, the italicized links are only a way for me to keep track of where I’ve been. They have no other meaning.